Ute Adolphs, Registered Acupuncturist

Ute is licensed as a R.Ac. (Registered Acupuncturist) with the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners & Acupuncturists of BC. Besides being trained extensively in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), having finished the Acupuncture program and Chinese Herbal program at PCU college of holistic medicine, she also has gone through training in Naturopathic medicine and Ayurvedic herbal medicine. She is proficient in Western herbal medicine and is registered with the CHA (Canadian herbalist association) as RHT (Registered Herbal Therapist) and she is a homeopath (HMC).


Having been a scientist, Ute has a thorough approach in analyzing her clients’ problems with the goal to find and treat the root cause. With her wide umbrella of experience in different natural healing disciplines, she can supplement TCM treatments with some help from other natural and wellness approaches. As a scientist she also likes to follow up with current research and new findings in natural medicine/herbs and nutrition and likes to integrate it with the wisdom of ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Ute believes that true healing is always the result of a good partnership between patient and practitioner and that the practitioner’s role is to help a patient find their unique way of healing. Whether the disease is expressed in physical or emotional symptoms, healing according to TCM, always needs an integrated approach including all four dimensions: mind, body, emotions and spirit. In order to take care of all dimensions, Ute likes to use different acupuncture styles including Master Tung style, ear acupuncture, and special treatments for emotional trauma and balancing spiritual problems.

Acupuncture Hours

Sunday: 10am-2pm

Wednesday and Thursday: 4pm-8pm

*For other appointments by request, please contact: naturalhealthnliving@gmail.com

For more information visit her website at https://threetreasurestcm.com