Therapeutic Taping

From sports injuries to pre/postnatal strains, therapeutic Rocktape aids in the treatment, healing, and recovery of a variety of injuries. Therapeutic tape was designed to resemble the elasticity of human skin and to activate the body’s neurological and circulatory systems, therefore enhancing the natural healing process.  This versatile tool can, depending on the application technique, compress or decompress, promote blood flow or reduce swelling, decrease pain, increase proprioception and stabilization, and enhance athletic performance.

Common conditions co-treated with therapeutic taping:
·      Sprains/strains
·      Achilles tendonitis
·      Plantar fasciitis
·      Shin splints
·      Rotator cuff problems
·      Tennis/golfers elbow
·      Carpal tunnel syndrome
·      Low back disorders
·      Hip/piriformis pain
·      Sciatica
·      Pregnancy related back pain, rib pain, and swollen ankles