Erica Roberts, Registered Massage Therapist 


Erica played a range of sports while growing up on the North Shore including volleyball, basketball and soccer. Eventually, volleyball became her main focus and she played on competitive club teams with the Capilano Blues and BCO from 2000-2005. Now she spends her time practicing yoga, hiking the North Shore mountains, and strength training.

This passion for health and athletics led her to pursue a career as a Registered Massage Therapist and as a yoga instructor. She believes active rehabilitation, including exercise, and stretching along with manual and massage techniques are crucial pieces to a successful and complete recovery. Erica’s focus is to not only reduce your pain, but to also get you back to enjoying the activities that currently cause you discomfort.

To achieve these goals she uses a variety of techniques to formulate the most effective treatment focusing on:

- Swedish Massage
- PNF stretching
- Myo-fascial release
- Trigger point therapy
- Manual Lymphatic Drainage
- Joint Mobilizations

Registered Massage Therapy Hours:

Sundays 11am-7pm