Custom Orthotics

A custom orthotic provides support for the body from the ground up. Each orthotic is designed and created to match the specific needs of each individual, ensuring anatomical efficiency and biomechanical correctness. Custom orthotics help to correct specific imbalances of the feet, reduce physical stress on the body, and align the musculoskeletal system.

The foot is made up of 52 bones, 38 muscles, and 214 ligaments. The function of these structures directly affect movement of the knees, hip, and low back. Proper biomechanics of the feet can improve function and reduce pain throughout the entire kinetic chain. Most extended health plans cover the cost of custom orthotics.

Conditions relieved by custom orthotics:

·      Plantar fasciitis
·      Shin splints
·      Bunions
·      Foot, arch, and heel pain
·      Knee and hip pain
·      IT band syndrome
·      Sacroiliac syndrome and back pain

Custom Orthotics Are Covered Under Most Extended Health Insurance Companies.