Modified Sphinx: Mobilization for the Thoracic Spine

The modified sphinx mobilization is an easy exercise that can be performed daily to improve overall health by increasing strength, reducing stress, and allowing stretch. The majority of the population has developed spinal stiffness and an enhanced forward rounded curve in the upper back (the thoracic spine). Increased use of keyboards, texting, repetitive movements, and more sitting are some of the major culprits resulting in the loss of thoracic flexibility. Not only can this loss of movement result in local pain and tightness, but there are direct links to neck tension, headaches, and low back pain. The modified sphinx is an exercise ...Read More

Headaches: A Pain in the Neck! How Cervical Spine Dysfunction Can Cause Headaches and How Chiropractic Can Help


Headaches are one of the top pain-causing culprits. Nearly two-thirds of Canadian adults suffer from headache related pain. While some can be debilitating, over 99% of headaches are benign, or harmless. Of these benign headaches, most can be placed into one of three categories: cervicogenic headache, tension headache, and migraine headache. For each of these types of headaches, chiropractic care can be beneficial, even essential, for pain relief. ...Read More

Stress: Friend Not Foe

How many times have we heard that stress is bad for us? That we need to try this technique or that exercise in order to lower our stress? That there will be detrimental consequences to living with high levels of stress? 

For years, the negative side effects of stress have been hammered into our minds, over and over and over again. The general public is well aware of the physical and emotional side effects associated with stress; from cardiovascular disease to tense muscles to debilitating anxiety to irritable bowels, the adversities of stress have been incessantly exposed. Basically, we have been told that stress is a silent killer and that eliminating it is the only cure. ...Read More

4 Simple Hacks for Workplace Wellness

Life is busy. For many of us, the driving force behind the chaos is work. The modern workplace environment is a compilation of long hours and a lot of sitting. More often that not, seated postures involve slumped, slouched positions and little to no breaks and the long hours disenchant the thought of exercise or extracurricular activity. 

Recently, extended hours of sitting and inactivity have been linked to undesirable health effects. Some experts have even gone as far to say that sitting is the new smoking. Why? Because sitting for just a few hours a day has been linked to negative health outcomes, including ...Read more

Helping to Heal Abdominal Diastasis

A growing belly is one of the most apparent – and adorable – signs of pregnancy. Less obvious, though, is the potential damage of the expanding abdomen.

What is diastasis recti?

Diastasis recti is the excessive separation of structures of the anterior abdominal wall. To accommodate for a developing baby, pregnancy hormones soften the muscles and connective tissue of the abdominal wall to make them more pliable. Stretching causes these structures to widen and thin, weakening them. As pressure from the uterus increases, the vulnerable structures ... Read More.

Cracking Chiropractic Myths


There are many misconceptions when it comes to chiropractic care. For many years, animosity existed between chiropractic and other medical professions and this animosity perpetuated many misguided views. While the dichotomy between professions is dying, many of the myths about chiropractic are not. Chiropractic care is safe and effective and the following exposes and explains 10 myths of the practice.


...Read More