Summer Acupuncture – Prepare your Immune System for the Cold Season

According to Chinese medicine Yang energy reaches its peak at Summer solstice. Activity is at its highest, expansion and growth at their peak. Within the 5 element theory of Chinese medicine Summer is related to the fire element which corresponds to the heart.

The Heart element relates to circulation, activity, joy and fun. In Summer, the Yang energy spreads to the periphery and as a consequence we sweat much more easily. The force to produce sweat is Yang in nature. Particularly, sweating is regulated by Heart Yang. This means, we can deplete the Heart Yang by too much sweating which can weaken the overall Yang of the body, possibly weakening us for winter. As Chinese medicine is always striving towards balance, it is important to replenish our Yang as well as anchoring it by preventing excessive sweating.

Food therapy is one important strategy in Chinese medicine. Red foods help the Heart element in summer, such as all red berries including goji berries, tomatoes or watermelon. Green tea, mint tea and chrysanthemum tea are recommended cooling drinks in summer, as is watermelon juiced with ginger.

Iced beverages and too much raw food including ice cream is not recommended according to Chinese medicine as it causes cold and food stagnation in the stomach damaging our Yang energy.

The time around Summer solstice as well as the mid Summer months of July and August is also the time of the year to strengthen our immune system for the colder seasons of Fall and Winter.  Our immune system is built on our Yang energy. If our yang energy is strong, it acts as a defense to external pathogens.  In Summer, when our Yang energy is drawn out to the surface, it is the most appropriate time in the year to strengthen this Yang energy and thus our immunity.  Certain acupuncture points can be warmed and needled with shallow insertion to strengthen this Yang energy for the rest of the year.

A series of at least 5 to 10 acupuncture treatments throughout Summer is recommended, especially for those prone to catch flus and cold pathogens during the cold months of the year, chronic seasonal allergy or asthma sufferers.

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