What Every Woman Needs to Know: Benefits of Chiropractic During Pregnancy

chiropractic and pregnancy

Pregnancy is often an incredible experience that showcases the strength, beauty, and ability of a woman’s body. However, the nurturing of a new life does not come without physical changes that can be uncomfortable and downright unpleasant. Pregnancy related discomforts can be frustrating, as expecting moms are cautioned against taking over the counter pain relief medications. Both ibuprofen and aspirin have been deemed unsafe during pregnancy. Even acetaminophen, the historically safe go-to for pregnant women experiencing pain, has come under scrutiny for more than just its liver damaging properties; it has been linked to depletion of the natural detoxifying chemical glutathione, to disruption of hormones, and to negative effects on fetal brain development.

Common Pains of Pregnancy

With growing bellies and an influx of hormones, pregnant bodies can experience significant biomechanical and chemical changes that result in pain.  From a new center of gravity to ligament laxity to postural and hormonally induced headaches, pregnancy results in ...Read More