Six Yoga Poses to Undo the Daily Damage of Sitting


North America is experiencing a rapidly growing epidemic: sitting. The average person spends over half of his or her day in a sedentary, seated position. Recent research has suggested that, even if there is a routine workout regimen. sitting on one’s keister for the majority of the day may increase the risk of serious chronic diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Incorporating movement throughout the day is necessary to combat the negative consequences of long drives, working at desks, and watching television. 

There are many simple ways to uproot during the day; riding a bike to work, taking the stairs instead of an elevator, switching to an adjustable* standing desk, doing a few laps around the office every hour or so, standing for the last 15 minutes of the television show. Movement is medicine during the day and incorporating an evening stretching routine can help to further undo the stresses of sitting. The following yoga poses will help with feeling grounded, relaxed, and peaceful after a long workday, as well reverse daily damage. ...Read More